Steam technology

We specialize in comprehensive modernization and construction of steam and water boiler rooms. We offer our help on all stages of the process of heat production. Our strong points are designing, equipment selection and installation of heat systems. After completion of a project we offer professional and reliable service.

Each project is minutely discussed with the client, so that every boiler room is suited for specific needs. We execute stationary and mobile boiler rooms. In case of installation based on one steam generator we offer power range from 100 kW to dozens of MW. In case of multiple generators installed, it is possible to reach power up to 50 MW.

Hydrogen technology

Since 2003 we are a distributor of HySTAT™ hydrogen generators. We have implemented hydrogen plants in some of the biggest Polish power plants.

We are serving help by proper choice of electrolysers and their installation in turnkey system in accordance with the good engineering practices. Services we offer are mainly dedicated for industrial applications such as: float glass plants, steel production, electronics (semiconductor, photovoltaic cells, optics), generator cooling, hydrogenation of fats and oils.

Gas measurement technology

INTECH's Security Techniques Service offers its services and products to companies in which it is necessary to protect life and health of workers. Since 1994 we deal with measurements of air composition and protection against the hazards of dangerous gases in our environment.

We are a certified distributor of the professional breathalyzers AlcoQuant 6020.by Honeywell Healthcare Solutions (formerly EnviteC).

We also offer sales and servicing of portable gas measuring systems made by GMI Ltd. and stationary or fixed type detectors mady by GMI Ltd. and Draeger Safety.

Engineering services

Our team of engineers performs projects and technical documentation for INTECH-made and external installations, also executing automation systems. We offer engineering design, measurement systems, industrial automation systems. Our services are mainly dedicated for industrial applications, in scope of steam, water, fuels, gases and heat energy transfer, like: manufacturing companies, dairies, food processing, beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, textiles, automotive, electronics, mining, power stations, petrochemical companies, shipping companies, chemicals, tobacco and many more.

Water treatment

Therefore, as a complement to steam generator installation we also provide a range of products and services to ensure the quality and quantity of boiler feedwater remains consistent and reliable. We also offer specialized solutions for swimming pool water treatment.