Our approach

For over 35 years we have run works related to inventions and execution of industrial technological installations in scope of steam, water, fuels, gases and heat energy transfer.

We create engineering designs and technical documentation (incl. piping & pipelines, structural modeling and 3D modeling) for our own installations and on request of external suppliers. We carry out boiler plants based on Clayton steam generators, hydrogen generator plants based on Hydrogenic Systems. Water treatment stations and industrial automation systems are an integral part of every project.
Our engineers not only perform projects in the field of energy, but also collaborate with designers from other countries (Germany, France, USA) for creating technical publications (manuals and illustrations) according to international standards for the civil and defense aviation industry. We are also offering sales, installation and servicing of portable and stationary GMI gas measuring systems as well as Envitec breathalyzers.


We offer a range of solutions in areas like:

      1. Steam technology
      2. Hydrogen technology
      3. Engineering services
      4. Gas measurement technology
      5. Water treatment 
      6. Technical publications


Listening to your needs and expectations, and understanding them, is the heart of our success. Our objective is to maximize the potential of every design and implementation that we create, from selection and design to assembly and start-up, with our focus always clearly set on you, the Client.


With a big portfolio and hundreds of clients our experience: in design of steam plants and hydrogen plants as well as engineering constructions is extensive. This also makes us extremely competitive as we have a wealth of resources to utilize. 


We tailor our services to suit you. Our experience covers wide range of constructing projects (that are a part of larger technological complexes) and mobile container solutions that can be easily integrated into any process.


Because we take extreme pride in the standard of our work we are only interested in advanced solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. The systems we offer are based on state-of-the-art technology that meets international safety and technical standards. This means that we will not cut corners or compromise on quality or service.


By developing innovative ideas we can scale any project to fit your company needs - from small test wells to construction of a boiler house based on three steam and two water generators. We continually provide technical solutions to the most troubling problems, and numbers of our satisfied customers confirm the quality of our offered services.


Ongoing investment in research and development activities together with staff training's let us stay ahead and constantly improve. We are known for our experience, know-how and innovation. We design, test and develop our core technology to provide the widest range of solutions and after sales service in the market.