INTECH's Security Techniques Service offers its services and products to companies in which it is necessary to protect life and health of workers. Since 1994 we deal with measurements of air composition and protection against the hazards of dangerous gases in our environment.

We offer equipment and service to ensure the safety of you and your employees.

Why buy from us?

    • Buy from the Certified Distributor: When you buy from Intech, you know that you are buying a genuine, fully-supported product from an authorised, quality-assured company. 
    • Full Service Support: As the distributor, we have firsthand knowledge of all our products and will be able to help you with anything you want to know. Ask us anything simple or technical, and we will answer them for you. 
    • On-line sale and deliver of devices and accessories: We deliver to anywhere in Poland with registered shipping. Want something shipped internationally? Just contact us for information.

What will you get?

    • Consulting and sales of breath analyzers, portable and stationary gas detectors
    • Validation of indications, calibration and repair of portable measurement devices
    • Design, delivery and commissioning of stationary measuring systems for hazardous gases
    • Inspection, calibration and repair of stationary measuring systems
    • Calibration, repair and legalization of Honeywell Healthcare Solutions and Draeger Safety's breath analyzers. 
    • Design and implementation of systems supporting calibration and legalization in accredited laboratories.
    • Inspections and repair of air respirators and gas-tight suits made by Draeger Safety
    • Training in techniques of measurement of hazardous gases in the air




AlcoQuant® 6020 plus

Breath analyzers – alcotests

We offer sales and service of breath control monitoring devices.

Portable gas meters

We offer sales and servicing of portable gas measuring systems made by GMI Ltd.
Dräger Polytron 7000

Stationary gas measurement

Stationary or fixed type detectors are generally mounted near the process area of a plant or control room to detect a gas leak.
OratectPlus® Oral Fluid Drug & Alcohol test

Oral drug tests

The Oratect® Plus Oral Fluid Drug & Alcohol tests are the only one-piece salivary tests on the Polish market, which allows you to detect six major groups of drug and their 150 derivatives in just 5-8 minutes.