Breath analyzers – alcotests

AlcoQuant® 6020 plus
We offer sales and service of breath control monitoring devices.

From 2010 we are an official authorized Honeywell Healthcare Solutions GmbH (formerly EnviteC) dealer for sale and service. Our main clients are the Provincial Police Headquarters and other companies that makes regular sobriety checks of their employees.

AlcoQuant® 6020 plus Alcotest

The compact breathalyzer for a wide variety of applications in roadside testing, occupational safety and the rehab programs.  Several new functions and configuration options ensure that the device is perfectly suited for practical use:

  • Calibrate every 6 months, unlimited tests 
  • Active Test (blow) function only - 3 decimal place BAC result 
  • Disposable AA batteries 
  • High visibility soft pouch, carry case & 25 mouthpieces included 

Alcoquant 6020 Plus

The AlcoQuant® 6020 plus is extremely versatile and meets all applicable requirements: 

Police - Court: Along with its classic use in roadside testing, the device has numerous applications in all areas of official alcohol screening.

Workplace Safety: Statutory regulations and the associated duties of care make the AlcoQuant® 6020 plus an ideal addition to your existing occupational health and safety program. 

Transport and Road Safety: The quick determination of a driver's blood alcohol content in shipping, air traffic, and long-distance traffic is an important issue, especially in the transport of passengers and hazardous materials. 

Clinics: With the AlcoQuant® 6020 plus, subjects can be screened quickly and easily with maximum hygiene, making it especially well suited for community healthcare centers and rehabilitation clinics.