Stationary gas measurement

Stationary or fixed type detectors are generally mounted near the process area of a plant or control room to detect a gas leak.

Generally, they are installed on fixed type structures and connects the detectors to a automated control system for continuous monitoring.

We offer sales, installation and servicing of stationary gas measuring systems of the Scottish company GMI Ltd. and the German company Draeger Safety.

GMI Single Point Gas Alarm (SPGA)

The Single Point Gas Alarm is compact, secure and robus and ticks all the boxes when you need a quick, simple and effective installation. Being compact it's the perfect fit for a small installation, be it from boiler houses to chemical plants and from landfill sites to commercial kitchens.

GMI Active 8

The Active-8 - a compact self contained 8 point gas detection system that lets you monitor any combination of combustible and toxic gasses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being compact, secure and robust, the Active-8 ticks all the boxes when you need a quick, simple and effective installation, yet at the same time still giving you a digital display and LED indicators to display system status with a quick glance. To increase its flexibility the active 8 can be linked to alarms and other equipment within your facility via Alarm and Fault relays, giving you and your people the protection they need.

GMI Active 80

The Active 80 is one of the most advanced gas detection systems on the market. Each gas sensor is continuously monitoring and reporting back any hazardous conditions to the control unit for display on the alphanumeric screen, showing you the sensor ID, the gas type, the concentration and the alarm status. If an alarm level is exceeded the Active 80 automatically activates a variety of signal outputs including analogue/digital data and user selectable relays, along with this it has full data compatibility with serial RS232 and RS485 outputs and is fully Mod Bus compatible.


Hazardous area transmitter sensor unit which, when used along with one of our extensive range of flammable, toxic or oxygen deficiency, flameproof detection heads provides continuous, robust and accurate protection to personnel and property.

GMI 4500

Up to 40 Detection Points per 19" rack, Relays to enable interfacing with your existing equipment/systems, Easily calibrated, LCD displaying system status, LED for individual A1,A2 and Fault Alarm

Dräger REGARD-1

Robust, reliable and very cost effective. The compact Regard-1 is a complete standalone system for the control of a single gas detector; suitable for monitors of toxic gases, oxygen, combustible gases and vapours.

Dräger REGARD 3900

The Regard 3900 is a standalone, autonomous control system for up to 16 gas detectors. It is fully configurable and monitors the concentration of toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gases and vapours.

Dräger VarioGard Central Unit

The Dräger VarioGard Central Unit is at the center of a cost-efficient, modular gas detection system. A digital Bus makes it possible to connect and manage up to 100 transmitters for various gases.

Dräger Polytron 7000

Modular design – highly flexible: The universal transmitter Dräger Polytron 7000 measures toxic gases and oxygen and can be optimally adjusted to the most different applications.