Strong Partners

Since its inception on October 20, 1930, Clayton Industries has established a world-wide reputation as a leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial process steam generation - both fired boilers and unfired waste heat boilers. Their unique controlled circulation, counter-flow design offers many operational advantages and benefits over conventional boilers. Clayton Industries' design principles and the use of the latest technology in its control systems make them the favorite choice in today's high efficiency energy markets. The company is headquartered in City of Industry, California, USA and has major manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Belgium and Mexico to serve its diverse worldwide markets. European factories Clayton of Belgium NV designs, builds, sells and services steam generators / boilers. It also offers water tube boilers; generators and fluid heaters; and waste heat and exhaust gas boilers.

Since 1993 INTECH is certified distributor and service provider of Clayton of Belgium NV. Our steam boilers operate in almost every industry - from the food to the petrochemical industry in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and offshore. Clayton understands that new ideas and technology are the driving force in the economies of developed and developing countries around the world. Clayton Industries is ideally positioned to lead this technological revolution through the 21st century and beyond by providing its customers with reliable and highly efficient compact steam generating systems. Since 2010 we are also a solid partner for Clayton for "turn key" project in world-wide steam generation market.

EnviteC founded in 1992 specialises in the research, development and production of sensors and high-quality monitoring equipment. Its product range includes sensors and various devices for use in healthcare and the manufacturing industry, as well as in the field of safety technology. The company’s headquarter is in Wismar (Northern Germany). From 2010 we are authorised supplier and servicer of one of the best-known EnviteC product - compact alcohol breath analyzer used for roadside testing, workplace safety and monitors for medical applications.

BWT Group (Best Water Technology) is a leading European company in the field of water treatment. Since 1996 we are the trading partner and authorized servicer of BWT equipment for proper preparation of the boiler water for industry, as well as swimming pool water treatment.

Rheinmetall Technical Publications (RTP) is a Rheinmetall Defence division. It supplies complex technical publications and logistics engineering services in the military and civilian sectors, for the armed forces and the industry. RTP is the prime subcontractor for Germany for the international Airbus program. Furthermore, the company has forged an international alliance (TPRI) with its French, British and Spanish partners for technical publications activities in the commercial aviation sector.