Desert storm

Power installed: 5.4 MW
Application: Petroleum mining
Location: Algery El Merk oil field
Customer: Petrofac
Date: 2013

With great pleasure we would like to inform that cooperating with Clayton of Belgium we are shipping our first steam boiler to Africa. The new mobile steam plant will be operated by Algerian petroleum industry.

Aim of the project is to design an autonomic and fully automatic solution for reliable operation in desert environment.

To meet these objectives three Clayton E185 steam generators were used, supplying maximum of 8,700 kg of steam/hour and maximum pressure of 23 bar. Water and oil reservoirs and diesel-driven generator guarantee independent operation over nearly 10 hours.

Complete system is mounted in two standard ‘high cube’, 40 ft containers. Thanks to such a compact implementation the customer can easily move the steam plant to any place with just two trailer-trucks. Having on mind 5 MW of power installed it is significantly small footprint of the plant.

This way designed steam plant will help the customer with restoration of oil tanks. In this process time is crucial and every saved minute guarantees massive savings. We are glad to meet the customer’s needs with a use of Clayton generators.


Project details