Duna Vesta boiler plant modernization

Duna Vesta is dynamically growing Ukrainian company in the textile industry. Founded in 1965, offers its products both on the domestic market as well as in many other countries of the Eastern bloc, in Central Europe and Canada.

For several years now, the company is implementing a technology line modernization project by introducing the latest technical solutions from companies such as "Lonati", "IRMAC", "Matec", "Busi Giovanni" and "Nagata seiki".

As a big part of the changes, the boiler room equipment was also improved. In 2013 one of the two old steam boilers (boiler drum) with its high point steam production of 5 tonnes per hour efficiency was replaced. In its place two steam generators Clayton SEG-354 with a total performance 9 tonnes per hour were installed.

The water from the softening facility, after pre-heating in a heat exchanger goes to the column of deaerator, where an oxygen is thermally eliminated. Water from the tank is pressed to the generators through booster and Clayton pumps. Pure steam is then brought to the existing steam manifold. The remaining second boiler will be shut down, but there are no obstacles for parallel work with Clayton generators.

Along with the steam generators we made and delivered the following associated devices:

  • deaerator tank with a column - 5000 liters capacity
  • blowdown and mixer tanks - 350 liters capacity each

In addition, we have selected and delivered fittings and automation (valves, filters, sensors, control cabinet). The whole engineering design is detailed in the accompanying technical documentation, which also includes a 3D model.

The whole assembly work was carried out by local company, however, the execution process was launched together with specialists from IWT Intech. In this way the boiler room has gained a modern and efficient source of steam, guaranteeing savings in the operation and reliability. New installation, although connected to the current system can operate autonomously. In place of the old boiler not only did we place the generators (doubling the power and performance), but also a complete equipment for boiler water treatment and blowdown tank (without softener).