Energy recovery on a large scale

How to gain several GJ of energy from the hot waste gases?
Byelorussian Steel Works company knew that investment in a modern plant for waste heat recovery would be profitable.

Gas energy is transformed using the Clayton exhaust gas boiler to produce hot steam at a pressure of 18 bar. This steam will be used in technological processes. The project developed in cooperation with Danieli Centro Combustion [1] involved design and execution of a complete steam installation with tanks, inlet and outlet EGB cones [2], support constructions and water treatment system.

The Waste Heat Recovery System, provided by Clayton of Belgium, consists of five individual coil modules with a cross section of 2.5 m. The water flowing through the coil in parallel circuit (such as "E" connection) [3] cools the gases down from 400 ℃ to 250 ℃. The energy is accumulated in a Lamont tank with a capacity of 7.14 m3. To ensure optimal operation of the circulation pumps, the tank has been raised more than 3 m above pumps level. Boiler water preparation includes softening and chemical dosing systems as well as degassing in deaerator tank with 3 m3 capacity column.

All of these elements have been made in Gdansk. After passing the necessary tests (non-destructive and pressure tests), installation was dismantled. Reassembly procedures were described in details. The packaged system was then loaded onto the trailers and shipped to the customers site. Its net weight was almost 25 tons.

[1] International corporation Danieli Centro Combustion is one of the world's largest providers of comprehensive solutions for the steel industry

[2] EGB - Exhaust Gas Boiler

[3] For more information about possible EGB configurations go to “Technology” section