Swimming Pool at Gdansk University of Technology

Application: Swimming pools
Location: Gdansk, Poland
Client: Academic Sports Center at the Gdansk University of Technology
Date: October 2004

Modernization of sports pool's and training pool's water treatment plant.

In 2004 Gdansk University of Technology - we made for the largest technical university on the coast modernization of pool water treatment station machinery. 

Task was divided into three stages:

Stage I -  included the total dismantling of the old and exploited equipment, piping and filters. In addition to rooms renovation and complete installation of new filters, PVC piping and equipment. This ensured fully automatic operation of the pool water filtration as well as fully automatic water heating and chemicals dosing system, all according to rules that ensure bathing comfort and safety of users. The filters flushing process runs automatically in the evening hours - after finished classes at the pools. The duration the overall implementation was limited to the period of summer break, which made the task more difficult. This required great concentration in determining the appropriate work schedule and logistics organization, especially the supply of non-standard equipment as well as the entire installation and commissioning. While the work was performed - two independent pool water circuits were created, one for swimming sports pool and the other for training. The PLC controller ensures water circulation switching between each circuit. In addition it controls temperature, chemical dosing and other measurement parameters of the water and gives notifications of all emergency situations. 

In the following year we have completed the Stage II of the planned investment. We have made surge tank with a capacity of 25 m3 for sport pool water overflows from the gutters, which significantly improved economy of purified water and reduced the operating costs.

Stage III of investment - UV lamp water disinfection - at the moment remains unrealized because of the overhaul building renovation.