Control system for water treatment station

Control System Visualisation in Urban Water Supply Station
Industry: Urban Water Supply
Location: Mostowo (Koszalin), Poland
Client: Miejskie Wodociagi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o. in Koszalin
Date: June 2005

Realization and implementation of a computerized control system and monitoring of the water treatment plant in Mostowo.

Fully automatic control system for Water Treatment Station was based on eight freely programmable controllers and operator panels connected via an ethernet with redundancy ring. Communication and monitoring between Mostowo WTS, Koszalin WTS stations and expansion vessel on Chelmska Mount realized through the radio modems and GPRS.

Key features of the implemented system of automatic control are:

  • the use of high-class GE Fanuc, Dell computer hardware and professional software applications from Wonderware _ ensures trouble-free operation for many years, 
  • modular design of freely programmable controllers that allows for flexible system configuration and possibility of its extension, 
  • colored operator panel with an active matrix allows local control and work management of the filters, 
  • object system controllers connected and working in redundant ring Ethernet, enabling quick and reliable control and monitoring of local processes in the WTS technological system
  • SATEL the radio modems for high-speed connectivity and communication between objects of the system, ensuring protection against unauthorized access and low operating costs,
  • professional system backup power ensures extended operating time of local controllers of the system and minimize the interruption time of the system