Intech "At the World’s End"

Steam plant for russian industry
Power installed: 3.4 MW
Application: Gold ore reprocessing
Location: Russia
Customer: Petropavlovsk PLC
Date: 2013


February 2013 we have begun the project of the steam plant for Petropavlovsk concern - the second largest gold producer of Russia. It is not the first time we corporate with eastern market. Up from establishment of IWT Intech, we installed over 100 MW.

Because of high operating pressure surpassing 25 bar it was necessary to utilize only a high-class and reliable equipment. To satisfy this goal, the Clayton steam generator E354 (of a max power over 3,4 MW) was used. Worth underlining is the fact that Clayton generators of standard execution guarantee safe and stable operation with pressure of over 100 bar.

Following customer's outlines for the project, the steam plant was designed so that it could cope with very dynamic operating conditions. We introduced a new system which maintains steam generation even in situation when a steam demand falls under 10% of the nominal power. Thanks to this solution there is no risk of disruption of the long and costly process of more pressure oxidation.

In case of long work stoppage, nitrogen will protect the system against an oxygen erosion. It will also help with quick start-up. Maximum power can be reached after only 5 minutes of operation – even with "cold" start-up. It is the highest possible standard of a steam plant working with only one boiler.

Whole system is assembled in the main production hall of IWT Intech in Gdańsk. Even though, it will be installed in one of Petropavlovsk's mines in Amur Region - over 10.000 km far from Poland. The minimized footprint of the plant of only 20 m2 will significantly cut down the cost of transport and implementation in Russia. In order to guarantee the highest quality of our service, the plant will be completely set up and tested in Gdańsk.

The project is developed in collaboration with Finnish company Outotec – word leading specialists providing complex solutions for mining industry.

Project details

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