IWT4 - New Container steam plant for rental

In June 2014 we launched our 4th container steam plant for rental. Next year we are planning to build and put into operation another two steam plants of this type.

The new steam plant is equipped with Clayton SEOG-304 generator of maximal power 2,943 kW and steam production capacity of 4.5 t/h. The construction is based on a proven design of IWT1 project. On the board of the container there is complete installation for feedwater preparation and steam distribution. After placement of the container a customer is only obliged to connect a necessary utilities:

  • raw water
  • oil or gas
  • compressed air
  • electricity
  • steam installation
  • condensate return (if necessary)

The final step is commissioning and crew training. Depending on specific customer’s guidlines the commissioning time can vary. In some cases it can last only few days.

If you want to get latest information of the steam plant availability and lease terms please contact us by phone.

Download 3D model of the IWT4 steam plant [1]

[1] In order to open the file it is necessary to use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or later