Boiler room extension for Q8 Oils

Q8 Oils is a branch of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and produces high quality diesel oils for industry and retail customers. According to a five-year upgrade and expansion project - customer’s factory in Antwerp, established in 1905, will be one of the largest blending plants in Europe. The aim is to expand the plant’s production capacity to 250 million liters per year, or 225,000 tons per year.

With growth of production a demand for steam will increase. In the process of blending oils and lubricants with refining additives, high quality steam is one of a key factors. So far, a main source of steam were two Clayton SEG-254 generators installed in 2001 by Clayton Belgium N.V. To meet the increased demand, the customer ordered an extra generator - Clayton SEG-404 with a maximum power of 4 MW and a capacity of over 6 tonnes of steam per hour.

The current close cooperation with Clayton of Belgium NV resulted in another contract to design and develop the boiler house for Q8 Oils. The scope of work included the connection of the new generator and providing the necessary provisions for the fourth generator - Clayton SEG-254 with a capacity of 2.45 MW. This is a step forward against further expansion of the plant.

The biggest challenge was the necessity to carry out most of the assembly work without stopping the boiler room. This required the efficient organization and the utmost caution when working. Boiler room could only be stopped for short intervals during the night, when the necessary connections were made to the current system. The whole operation took almost a month. Automation is connected by Clayton of Belgium N.V., the launch will take place in 2015 when the new production line will become operational.