Boiler room in the Лысковский brewery

Steam is widely used in brewing industry. Large quantities are used to heat the brew kettles. Over the last two decades IWT Intech has built 4 high-power boilers for brewery needs. The largest one is in the Ukrainian Obolon Brewery. It can produce almost 60 tonnes of steam every hour. The latest boiler room was built in Lyskovo in Russia

Our Client - Лысковский Пивоваренный Завод [1] requested for project and delivery of generators along with associated equipment, fittings and automation systems. On the other hand - local company was responsible for assembly of the installation. Finally - IWT Intech team has assured extensive testing and start up.

Steam generators installed:

  • Clayton SEG-304 and SEOG-304 with a total power capacity of 6 MW and of 9.4 tonnes of steam per hour efficiency

Tanks installed:

  • Pressure deaerator with 10,000 liters capacity
  • Mixing chamber
  • Blowdown tank

In addition, we delivered:

  • Set of booster and transferring pumps
  • Boiler water treatment system (softening and chemical treatment)
  • Fittings (valves, flanges, elbows, pipes, etc.)
  • Automation system equipment
  • Compressed air system for the purpose of automation devices
  • The complete support structure for elements of the boiler room

Boiler’s power and control circuits was divided in 4 cabinets. To ensure proper operation three PLCs were used. Each generator was equipped with modern Siemens LMV combustion controller. The whole process can be tracked both on the operator’s panel and on a computer in the service room.

Client was provided with smooth production for the time of installation - this was ensured by container steam plant IWT-01 rental unit.

The project included also all connections for Clayton SEOG-504 generator, which in the future will increase the boiler room’s power up to 10.9 MW.

[1] Лысковский Пивоваренный Завод - Russian regional brewery built in 1860 in Лысково village in Нижний Новгород region. Now produces 21 types of beer awarded at local and international trade fairs.