SKID boiler for Bolsius

Last week, a compact-size steam plant, with its 147 KW power capacity and 235 kg of steam per hour efficiency, has left the IWT Intech production hall. This SKID system will be used in the candles production process in Bolsius [1] factory.

Compact construction of the Clayton steam generator (in this case model EG-15) let us place the whole stem system on one frame (SKID). Along with the steam generator the SKID holds vertical water tank and all the necessary armature for the process.

Vertical water tank gave us not only space savings, but also allowed to achieve sufficient pressure at the water pump inlet, omitting the use of the booster pump. Also, water softening station with the brine tank and the chemistry tank, were placed on the same steel frame. Because of its light design, boiler room was placed on the mezzanine floor - directly above the steam reception.

Thanks to a simple and compact design, the whole construction is placed on less than 4m2 footprint. With use of the detailed technical documentation and efficient work organization on the client side, installation was completed in a few days after SKID delivery [2]. Launching process of the boiler room was also reduced to a minimum - it took us less than two days.

[1] Bolsius® is a Dutch manufacturer of candles and grave yard lights in Europe and offers a complete range of products. Each year over one billion heaters leave the production lines Most of them are produced in Zalesie Male, Poland.

[2] SKID is a name used for fully functional, compact-size steam plant placed on a steel frame together with other necessary fittings and devices.