Hydrogen generators

Type: Alkaline or PEM electrolysis technologies
Automated, reliable and low maintenance system
On site and on demand hydrogen (load following)
Pressurized hydrogen without a compressor
99.999% pure, dry and carbon-free hydrogen 

The HySTAT™ system is state-of-the-art technology that meets international safety and technical standards offers operational advantages.

HySTAT A - Alkaline Electrolyser

Hydrogenic's HySTAT™ A Hydrogen Stations are based on proprietary IMET™ technology. We can generate high purity hydrogen at pressures up to 25 bar (363 psi) directly from the electrolyser module, by using a pressurized alkaline electrolysis process. Hydrogen and oxygen are channeled through highly efficient inorganic membranes resulting in a high quality hydrogen. 

Benefits of HySTAT™ generator:

  • H2 Purity: Without HPS: 99,9% (H2O saturated, Atm Dew point -20°C), O2 < 1,000 ppm
  • No asbestos
  • Nominal H2 output: 
    • HySTAT™10: 10 Nm3/h
    • HySTAT™15: 20 Nm3/h
    • HySTAT™30: 30 Nm3/h
    • HySTAT™60: 60 Nm3/h
    • HySTAT™70: 70 Nm3/h
    • HySTAT™100: 100 Nm3/h
  • Delivery Pressure: 10-25 bar without external compressor
  • Energy consumption 4.3 kWh/Nm3
  • Easy installation
  • Custom and compact design 
  • Fully automatic operation
  • With integrated safety
  • Gas production on demand
  • No moving parts

HyLYZER - PEM Electrolyser

The HyLYZER™ is a modular electrolyzer which uses clean deionized water and either AC or DC electricity to produce up to 4000 normal cubic metre per hour (Nm3/h) of hydrogen. The electrolysis reaction takes place within a proton exchange membrane (PEM) cell stack. 

  • Delivery Pressure: 0 - 8 Bar 
  • Type: Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyser
  • H2 Production: 
    • HyLYZER™200: 200 Nm3/h
    • HyLYZER™250: 250 Nm3/h
    • HyLYZER™400: 400 Nm3/h
    • HyLYZER™500: 500 Nm3/h
    • HyLYZER™1000: 1000 Nm3/h
    • HyLYZER™4000: 4000 Nm3/h
  • H2 Purity: Without HPS: 99,9% (H2O saturated, Atm Dew point -20°C), O2 < 1,000 ppm


HyPM XR Fuel Cell Systems. 

In critical backup power applications, such as data centres and telecommunications operators, even brief power outages can be extremely costly. Backup power systems incorporating our HyPM XR Fuel Cell Power Modules offer consistent power, seamless switching and virtually limitless runtime. Working with world-leading suppliers of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and CommScope, a renowned provider of infrastructure solutions for telecommunications companies.