Hydrogen plants

Type: Alkaline electrolysis
Reliable way to cool down power generators
On site and on demand hydrogen production
Individual project and complete “turn key” technological installation
Automated, reliable and low maintenance system
High quality and high security standard

We specialize in complex designing and implementing hydrogen generators in turnkey system for energy industry, where hydrogen is used as a safe and reliable way to cool down generators.



Electrolytic plants designed and done by our engineers are already in some of the largest Polish power stations and CHP plants: 




Plant Features:

  • product flexibility
  • high operational reliability
  • high quality and high security standard
  • reliable components from well reputed manufacturers
  • design for long service life
  • optimized consumption figures (which means low operation costs due to low consumption of natural gas, etc.)
  • fully automatic operation
  • remote control operation 



  • metallurgy and thermal treatment
  • petrochemical industry
  • lubricating oil
  • glass manufacturing
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • food technology

Hydrogen device can be a part of larger technological complexes and/or as a detached container solutions.