New boiler installation in Obolon Brewery

Ukrainian boiler house in Obolon Brewery is the largest in Eastern Europe steam installation based on Clayton steam generators. Implemented by IWT Intech in the years 1999 and 2007, has a total capacity of 37.2 MW and can supply 59 tons of steam per hour.


In 2014 the customer has requested for an auxiliary light oil fuel tank as a support system. The new investment included:

  • Providing oil tank with the necessary fittings
  • Design and equipment delivery for the oil system installation

An oil tank of 50 m3 capacity was placed in the 40ft container (enlarged high-cube type). Most of the container is occupied by the tank, the rest of space was intended for necessary fittings, control and protection system.

To fill the tank and supply oil to the generators four pumps were used. In the case of a low fuel temperature, it will be heated in heat exchangers. To maintain the proper oil temperature in the tank, the container itself has a heating system while its walls are insulated. The tank is protected against leakage and overflow. To ensure safe operation of the installation - the container as well as the boiler room were equipped with oil vapor concentration sensors. Measurements, control and automation are maintained by a PLC.

The oil line supply was made by a local installation company, based on fittings and executive automation systems that had been selected and delivered by IWT Intech. During implementation, the four SEOG-604 generators, previously working exclusively on natural gas, were adapted to work effectively on light oil.

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