Steam boiler room in brewery Obolon

Power installed: 37.27 MW
Market: brewery industry
Location: Ukraine
Customer: Obolon PJSC
Date: september 2007

Delivery and commissioning of four Clayton steam generators of type EOG-604-2 together with boiler room equipment and armature installation. Delivery and commissioning of two Clayton steam generators of type EOG-704-2 together with necessary fittings.

Obolon Brewery is the largest Ukrainian producer of beer and soft drinks. Obolon's main plant located in Kiev is the largest brewing facility in Europe, in terms of production capacity. For over 15 years Clayton steam generators have been providing steam for this plant.

History of the brewery reaches 70-ties of the XX-th century. Steam was initially taken from the district heating network. High costs and plans of future development led the company to decision of building their own steam boiler house. In 1999 IWT Intech was tasked to design, supply and commission a new boiler house with a power capacity of 23.5 MW and an efficiency exceeding 37 tonnes of steam per hour.

While the design works were being carried out in Gdansk, a new boiler house was built in Kiev. Vessels were made in IWT Intech production hall. To meet customer requirements, four generators SEOG-604-2 were chosen. These were provided along with all installation, elements (tanks, piping, fittings and automation). Assembly was entrusted to a local company.

Investment in modern Clayton generators was a strategic move. Savings generated by using this source of steam were so large, that the total cost of the installation returned in a very short time.

In 2007 the Obolon brewery entered the next stage of development. Proven reliability of Clayton generators and very good economic results led the management to re-investment in Clayton steam generators. Again, IWT Intech was entrusted with such a comprehensive task. With two new generators SEG-704-2 client gain additional 13.7 MW of steam power capacity and almost 22 t / h efficiency. At this stage of works, the complete equipment for a new water softening system was installed in the boiler house.

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