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Steam plant for russian industry

Intech "At the World’s End"

Power installed: 3.4 MW
Application: Gold ore reprocessing
Location: Russia
Customer: Petropavlovsk PLC
Date: 2013


Desert storm

Power installed: 5.4 MW
Application: Petroleum mining
Location: Algery El Merk oil field
Customer: Petrofac
Date: 2013

Synthos Dwory cogeneration boiler room

Heat power recovered: 14.3 MW
Application: chemical plant
Location: Poland
Customer: Synthos Dwory Sp. z o. o.
Date: 2011

Steam boiler room in brewery Obolon

Power installed: 37.27 MW
Market: brewery industry
Location: Ukraine
Customer: Obolon PJSC
Date: september 2007

"Mazur" container steam plant

Power installed: 981 kW
Application: trenchless pipe repair
Location: Poland
Customer: Mazur Sp. z o.o.
Date: 2007

Steam and water plant in JTI Yelets

Power installed: 24.4 MW
Market tobbaco industry
Location: Russia
Customer: Closed JSC "JTI Yelets"
Date: april 2006

Eldrob poultry palnts

Power installed: 6.866 MW
Application: pultry plant
Location: Poland
Customer: ELDROB SA
Date: december 2005