"Mazur" container steam plant

Container Steam Plant
Power installed: 981 kW
Application: trenchless pipe repair
Location: Poland
Customer: Mazur Sp. z o.o.
Date: 2007

Between the years 2005 and 2008 we supplied 5 container steam plants of summary power of 5 MW for different industry sectors.

In 2007 we executed a specialized container steam plant for the need of  trenchless pipe repair technology. The process has for years been successfully used for repair of sewage and rainwater pipes with large diameters. On the basis of collected observations and customer's comments, our engineers took the challenge to design and execute specialized container steam plant, powered by Clayton steam generator. We decided to enclose the system in an isotermic container of BDF type, which allows both easy transportation and stand-alone operation.

The steam plant was equipped with the diesel-driven generator of 45 kVA power and the air compressor with an efficiency of 156 l/s. Oil tank with a capacity of 1250 l and water tank (3000 l) ensure an autonomous work for over 8 hours in each conditions and types of terrain. Comfortable operation is guaranteed by auxiliary heating system of 3500 W power.

The heart of the installation is the PLC-based system controlling technological process of crystalization and curing of a resin sleeve in the damaged pipeline. Thanks to such a process the pipeline is effectively repaierd without the need for excavation. All the operation parameters are stored in EPROM memory of the controller and can be printed right after the operation on the compact-size thermal printer, which is a part of the system. Thus obtained documentation can be both significant support for an operator and a guarantee of a high standard for a customer.
Measuring signals of pressure and temperature are transmitted by wireless network to control devices maintaining certain parameters of steam and air in the sleeve. Thanks to such a solution, the only connection between the steam plant and the sleeve is the hose distributing the air-steam mixture, which makes the process easier and safer.

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