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Biogas plant in Mełno

Biogas plant in Mełno

Biogas plant was established in the former sugar factory in Mełno along with a new distillery facility. Intech was the main contractor of this thermal energy production installation. In times of declining profitability of alcohol production in Poland this biogas plant significantly increased factory competitiveness and reduced production costs.

Boiler room in the Лысковский brewery

Steam is widely used in brewing industry. Large quantities are used to heat the brew kettles. Over the last two decades IWT Intech has built 4 high-power boilers for brewery needs. The largest one is in the Ukrainian Obolon Brewery. It can produce almost 60 tonnes of steam every hour. The latest boiler room was built in Lyskovo in Russia

New boiler installation in Obolon Brewery

Ukrainian boiler house in Obolon Brewery is the largest in Eastern Europe steam installation based on Clayton steam generators. Implemented by IWT Intech in the years 1999 and 2007, has a total capacity of 37.2 MW and can supply 59 tons of steam per hour.

Sellafield - nuclear waste reprocessing plant

Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing site located on the coast of the Irish sea in Cumbria, England used to be one of the biggest Nuclear plants in Europe. After nearly 50 years of work, in 2003 the decomissioning and dismantling process begun. Currently the plant is used to manufacture nuclear fuel elements

Energy recovery on a large scale

How to gain several GJ of energy from the hot waste gases?
Byelorussian Steel Works company knew that investment in a modern plant for waste heat recovery would be profitable.

Romanian giant invests in a modern container steam plant

Steam from the new facility will be used to stimulate oil production of OMV Petrom [1]. With this technique it is possible to increase the oil extraction rate by up to 50%.

SKID boiler for Bolsius

Last week, a compact-size steam plant, with its 147 KW power capacity and 235 kg of steam per hour efficiency, has left the IWT Intech production hall. This SKID system will be used in the candles production process in Bolsius [1] factory.

Duna Vesta boiler plant modernization

Duna Vesta is dynamically growing Ukrainian company in the textile industry. Founded in 1965, offers its products both on the domestic market as well as in many other countries of the Eastern bloc, in Central Europe and Canada.

Uranium mine in Niger

Hot steam is used in almost every sector of the economy. From light industry to heavy manufacturing. From small boiler to nuclear power plants. This is demonstrated by our next project, which is the design and execution of complete water - steam boiler plant for uranium mine in Niger.

IWT4 - New Container steam plant for rental

In June 2014 we launched our 4th container steam plant for rental. Next year we are planning to build and put into operation another two steam plants of this type.