Eldrob poultry palnts

Power installed: 6.866 MW
Application: pultry plant
Location: Poland
Customer: ELDROB SA
Date: december 2005

New steam boiler room based on two Clayton SEG-354-1 generators was introduced in the end of 2005 in Eldrob poultry plants, providing stable operation of a technological process with notable cost reduction.

Boiler room with a capacity of 7.0 MW was made on the basis of two Clayton steam generators type SEG-354-1 with a nominal power of 3433 kW. As a location for the new boiler house, the old heat distribution centre was chosen, where on a small area of 11 x 11 m the complete heating system was installed:

  • steam plant including two generators, hotwell tank with deaerating column, high-pressure clayton pumps and booster pumps
  • water treatment station
  • steam – water heat exchanger for central heating and technological purposes
  • buffer tanks for hot technological water with circulation pumps
  • switch cabinets

An interesting challenge of the project was the steam – water heat exchanger with power of 1,8 MW for processing hot water for technological process. The raw water used for this purpose have very high hardness (average of 38 °dH), which precluded direct steam heat exchanger in one stage. The solution was to use a cascade system with indirect factor, which virtually eliminated the hardness scaling on the secondary side of the heat exchanger. As a first stage, a set of two Vahterus shell exchangers were used and at the second stage APV plate heat exchanger.

All devices are controlled with a master controller placed in the switching cabinet inside the boiler room. Operation of the system is fully automatic and monitored by visualization SCADA system (Factory Link, Telemechanique), which is available in the control room of the factory. It allows an operator to preview all the technological parameters in real time.

The project was realized as a standard “turnkey” solution including design, removal of old equipment, repair facilities of the destination room, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, training and reception.

Project details