Steam and water plant in JTI Yelets

Power installed: 24.4 MW
Market tobbaco industry
Location: Russia
Customer: Closed JSC "JTI Yelets"
Date: april 2006

With the beginning of the year 2006 we built steam and water plant for international tobacco company. Based on three SEOG-604-3 Clayton steam generators and two Viessman Vitomax 200 boilers it supplies the customer with summary power of 24,4 MW.

JTI (Japanese Tobacco International) - the third largest tobacco company on the world is between our “old” customers. We gained reputation of reliable contractor starting corperation in 1996 in Ukrainian branch of the concern in city Kremenchuk. Modernization of steam plant in Yelets facory consisted of construction of two new boiler rooms at place of the old one:

  • steam plant of 18 MW power for the need of technological processes
  • water boiler room of 6,4 MW power for heating purposes

The project was carried out as a standard “turnkey” solution, including design, supply of materials and equipment, installation, execution and commissioning.
The scope of work included the supply of boilers, installations for steam, treated water, condensate, gas, light oil with backup storage. Also necessary installations for compressed air, exhaust gas, electricity (power and control) automation and measurement systems. Finaly introduction of central control system with visualization SCADA.

Steam boiler room was realized on basis of Clayton SEOG-604-3 generators, each characterized by power of 6 MW and operating pressure of 13 bar and driven by natural gas and as a reserve by light oil. All systems and boiler connections have been designed for a target performance of 24 MW, but at the current stage of development there have been installed 3 Clayton steam generators with the possibility of a simple extension of the fourth unit if necessary.

The steam boiler room was constructed in a “classic manner”. Earthworks and foundations; further skeletal structure of the building of closed profiles, then placement of Clayton generators and assembly of necessary technological installation. At the end the skeleton of the building was covered with sandwich panels with mineral wool.

Water boiler room for heating purposes was designed on the basis of two shell boilers Viessmann Vitomax type 200 with a capacity of 3.2 MW each with torches Veishaupt also fired with natural gas or light fuel oil as a backup fuel. While in the case of a steam boiler all the wiring (including the boiler house) were made at the place of destination, implementing the water boiler room was divided into two stages.

Stage I involved prefabrication of boiler installation in the workshop of IWT Intech in Gdansk. This way prepared system was enclosed in 5 large-size containers and transported to desination place.
Stage II was the final assembly of the boiler room in Yelets, Russia on a prepared fuondations (one by another). This way of system installation was a considerable logistical challenge (given that the weight of individual containers ranged from 15 to 25 tons), but significantly shortened the installation time of the system at customer's place.

Thanks to construction of a modern-type boiler room the facory of JTI in Yelets gained a reliable and fuel-saving source of hot water and steam for both technological and civil purposes. On the other side, we gained another satisfied customer.

Project details

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