Water treatment for industry

When purchasing a steam generator a water treatment should be installed before placing the steam generator into service. Different standards and regulations apply to steam and hot water boilers with flow temperatures above 100° C, which must be adhered to when planning boiler water treatment plants.

Effective boiler water treatment must guarantee the operational safety of the entire plant.

You need more than chemical dosing solutions to ensure reliable and continuous water supply for your process. Therefore water must be treated, i.e. by filtration and softening, to improve the quality of the available raw water, which will then have an enormous impact on the results and quality of the products.

Water treatment is required with any boiler or steam generator to protect against:

Scaling: reduces heat transfer, energy loss, plugging of the coil, accelerate corrosion and lead to process equipment failure

Oxygen Corrosion: pitting of inner coil surface, decreasing value and high repair costs

Depending on raw water quality and water quality requirements, we can provide the best processes for:

  • Filtration: protective filters, heating filters, cooling water filters, fine filters and microfilters, filters that remove iron and manganese, etc.
  • Water softening and ion exchange systems
  • Reducing oxygen from the feedwater and blending sufficient anti-scaling and anti-corrosion chemicals  - Feedwater Tank 
  • Metering systems: Dosing of corrective/neutralising phosphates, oxygen binding agents and inhibitors