Water treatment for swimming pools

Clean, hygienic swimming pool water, which eliminates the risk of infection for every bather, is a legal obligation. Innovative technologies we offer guarantee the most reliable water treatment for your pool system.

An automation process enables you to control water parameters and maintenance service. We have installed complete water treatment systems in public pools in Academic Sports Centre of Gdańsk University of Technology and in Primary School in Pruszcz Gdański. 

Filtration: The filter material used in the pool water treatment technology is either quartz sand (layer filter) or quartz sand combined with other filtration material (multi-layer filter).

Disinfection: Involves adding pool care products and/or pumping the water through a disinfection system. Pool water disinfectant must be supplied constantly, both to kill bacteria and, owing to the continuous contamination of the pool water by bathers, must be algicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal. It should have no harmful side-effects on bathers, be kind to the skin and must not affect the smell and taste of the water. It must also have a significant residual effect. Of all the disinfecting and oxidising agents used, chlorine (chlorine gas) and some chlorine compounds are those that best satisfy these requirements.

Oxidation: Ozone generator systems are preassembled units used for oxidisation of unwanted substances and for the thorough disinfection of pool water.