Construction of Clayton Generator

Explore the construction of the world's most advanced high pressure steam source

 The Clayton coil

The generator's heating surface consists of a single, continuous coil tube, designed so that the water within it and the combustion gases around it circulate at high velocity. Full control both on the gas and steam/water side combined with the counter-flow principle ensures the highest possible heat transfer.

The Clayton steam / water separator

The Clayton centrifugal steam/water separator generates exceptional performance and delivers the driest saturated steam in the industry: less than 0.5 % humidity at any load. Separated water is returned via the hotwell to the steam generator.

The Clayton combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is water cooled to minimize radiation losses. This feature also provides for a safe and comfortable working environment.

The Clayton burner and blower

The burner and blower ensure total combustion and maximum heat transfer. The Vortex flame rotates in the combustion chamber and the blower system maintains constant control over the air circulation. This principle results in low NOx emission values.

The Clayton pump

A unique, fully closed, diaphragm pump has been developed by Clayton to handle high temperatures and pressures. Water does not come into contact with any of the moving parts and the pump has no stuffing boxes or mechanical seals, thus eliminating any leakage. Every pump is adjusted to suit the type of boiler it operates with giving optimum water circulation, whilst avoiding overheating and deposits of boiler scale.