Clayton generator principle of operation

Steam generators are used for producing high pressure steam. They are produced as a unit run on natural gas or fuel oil with a capacity ranging from 160 kg to more than 20 tons of steam per hour.

The complete boiler system (boiler, burner, separator and control equipment) is pre-piped, wired, inspected and tested. The rapid start and rapid response from a completely cold condition in just five minutes.

The steam/water mixture from the outlet of the coil is then passed to a high efficiency centrifugal separator. The very high steam quality is produced even under variable load conditions and is at least 99.5% dry saturated.


The principle of operation is as follows:

The boiler feedwater from the hotwell is pumped by means of a specially designed Clayton Pump and is forced through a single heating coil from the top to the bottom. The configuration of the Clayton plain coiled tube is designed to maximize performance and allow free flow of hot gas over the tube in the opposite direction to the water flow in a counterflow pattern for maximum efficiency. The mixture of 80% steam and 20% water is directed to the inlet of the separator where it is directed over a series of vanes and separated by means of centrifugal force. Dry steam is discharged through the top outlet. The condensate from the separator is re-circulated back to the hotwell.