Cogeneration systems

With years of experience in the heating market and the use of efficient waste heat generators we offer modern and reliable systems for co-generation

We realize Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems based on gas engines. We specialize in recuperative systems integrated with CHP units.
These systems are based on Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers (EGB) where heat is generated in the form of hot water, steam, thermal oil or as their combinations.


Heat Recovery Boilers are a compact and efficient means of producing steam from the waste gases of diesel engines, small gas turbines, incinerators, glass furnaces, enamel ovens, stress relieving ovens and many other applications. They are used in marine, industrial and power plant applications.
In the past three years, our installed CHP plants generated a total amount of 13.6 MWe, 9.6 MWt in hot water and 4.9 MWt in the steam.