Steam boiler rooms

Boiler room in Pfizer (UK)
Steam plants executed by us are the most technologicaly developed installations of its kind.

Core of the system is Clayton steam generator, ensuring dynamic, effective and safety process. For last 30 years we have been distributing and servicing Clayton products in Poland and neighboring countries (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan). Cooperating with European branch of the company (Clayton Belgium), we execute orders for african market. Our boiler rooms already operate in almost every industry – from food to petrochemical industry.

In majority of installations, conventional fuel – driven steam generators are used. Although in some processes it is possible to use exhaust gas boilers (EGB). In this case waste heat coming from other technological processes is recuperated for steam generation. Naturally it introduces notable cost and polution reduction. For these reasons we pay much attention for developement of this technology. Our steam plants based on a principle of waste heat recovery operate both inland and offshore.

Among many advantages of Clayton steam generators its worth to mention its small footprint. Therefore, it's possible to assembly complete boiler installation on a rigid frame (skid-packaged solution) or inside a standard-size container. Consequently installation end operation of the boiler room is notably less problematic.

Designing each steam plant we simply try to minimize customer costs while ensuring the highest technological and safety standards. On client's request we can also make modifications of existing installation and all other related systems necessary for proper operation of a boiler room.